Amigurumi Mini Bunny by Mevlinn Gusick

This pattern was found on ravelry. The link for the site that the original pattern is MevvSan. For this little guy the only change i made was the ears. for the ear i did a chain 6 in pink , then SC one from hook down to the base . change to white , and one SC around pink base. fold in half and slip stitch white parts together. The only reason i did this is because I have used it before for other ears. Fast and easy this guy is just too cute.

a note from the owner of this pattern:

If you have any questions about this tutorial you may contact me through a message on my Etsyaccount at: or email me

copyright information as follows:

Finished items made from this pattern may be sold provided credit is given to “MevvSan” with a link to my Rewriting, redistribution or resale of this pattern in any format is strictly prohibited. ™ & © 2009-2015 Mevlinn Gusick.



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